Students in Focus


There are lots of resources available to Utah students to help you produce your media!

PBS Newshour Student Reporting Labs - Storymaker
Projects, lesson plans, storytelling resources and tutorials just for you. StoryMaker is a powerful learning platform developed by PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs to build the next generation of media creators.
UEN's Digital Media Resources for Teachers
Read UEN's Digital Media Arts newsletter for information that supports Digital Media Arts education. Digital Media Arts is a unique space where fine arts, computer science, and CTE curriculum strands intersect. These strands can be used across all curriculum content areas.
Utah Film Center
Utah Film Center’s Media Education programs benefit over 12,000 students each year. We introduce students and teachers to the power of film as a teaching and learning resource and work to improve students’ media literacy through film screenings, discussions, workshops, and classroom lessons that will increase student engagement, comprehension, and critical thinking while supporting core curriculum requirements for arts education.
Spy Hop
Spy Hop is a nonprofit digital media arts center offering in-school, after-school, summer camps, youth-in-care, and satellite programming for students ages 9-19 of all skill levels and aspirations in film, music, audio and design.