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People To See

There are bug specialists all around us--some in places you may not expect.

Lawn and Garden Search
Employees at your local garden center can be good sources of insect information.
Intermountain Farmers Association
There are IFA's in many of the communities throughout Utah. Call and ask for their insect specialist.
If your job is getting rid of pests, you have to understand them to eliminate them. Someone at Orkin can tell you all about common insects in Utah. Do we even have termites in Utah or are they just in warmer, damper climates?
USU - Extension Experts
Utah State University is an agricultural university. Some of the best insect information in the state can be found at USU. You can ask A USU entomologist (a scientist who studies insects) your questions. You can also read some of the past insect queries and responses at their FAQ.
Utah State Extension
There are services available in each of the 29 counties in Utah. The horticulturalists who work in these offices are valuable sources of insect information.