Weather Systems

What factors contribute to a thunder storm? To a hurricane? To a drought? Weather has many components that affect each other to produce different weather patterns.

Sample some of the following activities to learn more about weather systems.


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Places To Go

The following are places to go (some real and some virtual) to find out about weather systems.

EarthCam - Webcam Network
Go anywhere in the world and see what the weather is like right now.
National Weather Service
All weather forecasts come from information collected from this national website.
Pikes Peak Cam
In case you're curious, you can find out what the temperature, humidity, and wind speed right this very minute are at Pike's Peak. By the way, what is Pike's Peak famous for in American history?
The Weather Channel
This website gives access to National and Local forecasts as well as images.

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People To See

10 Famous Meteorologists
This page from lists 10 famous meteorologists.
Luke Howard: The Man Who Named The Clouds
Meet Luke Howard. In 1802, he devised a system of naming clouds that is still used by meteorologists today.
Mr. Tornado: Tetsuya Theodore "Ted" Fujita
Read about the man who was influential in tornado studies.
Weather Dude
Check out the weather glossary, ideas for kids, and email your weather questions. 
Wilson A Bentley
Wilson A. Bentley is also known as Snowflake Bentley because of his work photographing snow and rain.

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Things To Do

CNN Weather
Find the temperature today of the city where one of your relatives lives. From this site, you can enter their zip code to receive current conditions, a 4-day forecast, and weather maps.
The Weather Dude
Take weather quizzes here. See how you do. There are features sections for kids, parents, and teachers as well as a weather glossary - Weather A to Z. You can email your weather-relatedquestions to this weather dude.

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Teacher Resources

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