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2014 CTE Family and Consumer Sciences Summer Conference

Brower, Naomi
How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk or Jerkette

Davis, Cathy
Suicide Prevention in Schools

De la Vega, Sammi
Keep Calm, Punch 'em in the Face

Hansen, Jeri Lin
CE Human Development Best Practices

Child Development/Early Childhood Education
Burns, Scott
The Ultimate Block Party

Charles, Anita
Keep Calm, Read On

Christensen, Carolyn
Making the Pre-K Standards Relevant

Cohne, Lisa
Technology and Toddlers: Tool or Tradition?

Escalante, Debora L.
Young Storytellers: Strategies for Pre K-2nd Grade

Hastings, Joyce
Overview of Utah Child Care Rules

Hatch, Judy and Holly Rawlins
Fitting CDA Requirements into ECE Courses

Hicks, Trevor, Chelsea Baker and Wei Qui
Developmentally Appropriate Use of iPads

Child Development/Early Childhood Education Cont.
Hinze, Vickie L.
Infant Simulation: Birth to Two Years

Johnson, Stacy
ECE and CDA Can Be a Beautiful Marriage on a Semester Block

Johnson, Stacy and Terry Rawley
Setting Up Your Child Care Training Center

Mousser, Shavon
Fantastic Senses!

Rawlins, Holly, Janae Blank, Vivien Brown, Camille Hicks, Shanna Omer and Jennifer Roundy
Best Practices: Child Development

Smith, Rachel
Road to Reading

Wheeler, Julie
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

CTE Intro/FACS Exploration/Teen Living
Davies, Cathryn
Sewing with CTE Intro'ers

Hutchings, Holly
Amazint T-Shirt Back Sack

Jorgensen, Rachel
FACS Exploration Best Practices
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3

Langston, Ashley and Tamara Marcroft
CTE Intro Best Practices
Handout 1
Handout 2

CTE Intro/FACS Exploration/Teen Living Cont.
Rock, Pam
Free Enterprise in FACS Exploration

Shaw, Valerie
Two Fun Ideas on How to Facilitate the 8th Grade Free Enterprise
Candy Bag Ad
Candy Bag Instructions
Sewing Factory
Sewing Factory Jobs
Sewing Factory

Fashion Design/Clothing
Bartlett, Patti
Simpler Sewing

Dalton, Liz and Michelle Stott
Clothing II Best Practices

Hatch, Judy
Teaching Shirt Construction with Prezi
Main   •   Buttons   •   Facing   •   Hem   •   Layout and Cutting   •   Sleeves

Rees, Grayce and Michelle Stott
Window Bag

Bartlett, Patti and Aubrey Turnbow
Getting Students Fired Up about STAR Events

Dewsnup, Denise
Power of One: Perfect Fit for Any FACS Course

Hancock, Natalie
What Makes an Amazing FCCLA Student Leader?

Johnson, Mindy, Michelle Stott and Kaylene White
Making STAR Events a Part of Your Class

Smith, Susan L.
SOAR to Cluster Competitions in FCCLA

Stott, Michelle
FCCLA Co-Curricular Made Easy

Foods and Nutrition / Culinary Arts
Belliston, Kristi, Kate King, Stephanie Nelson, Sue Reber, Erin Williams, Natalie Wilson
Foods I Best Practices

Borgmeier, Katherine
Foundations of Nutrition Best Practices

Brookes, Kyley, Auralee Brooks, Mindy Johnson and Camille Zolman
Foods II Best Practices

Chaney, Maryam
Easy as Pie

Cox, Becky and Paige Wright
Foods I Lap Books

Hudman, Janae and Connie Waite
Cake Decorating Demo

Hunsaker, Teresa
The 3 E's of Meal Prep: Easy, Economical and Elegant!

Jensen, Elizabeth
Healthy Living for Weight Loss

Foods and Nutrition / Culinary Arts
Jeppson, Lisa
ProStart Best Practices

McKell, Michael and Biff McCabe
Culinary Arts Demo

Nielson, Jennifer
The Science of Chocolate and Taste

Tegge, Cindy
Mother Sauces: The Possibilities Are Endless

Washburn, Carolyn and Darlene Christensen
Pies, Cakes and Quick Breads

Washburn, Carolyn and Darlene Christensen
What's New and Fun in Home Food Preservation

Wilson, Candace
ProStart Best Practices

Young, Shauna
Best Practices: Foods and Nutrition II

General/Teaching FACS
Alexander, Karen
Texas Tech Presentation
Interior Design
Barrs, Janet
Business of Interior Design

Eastman, Jeri
Successful Presentation Boards

Fife, Vicki
Rendering: How Do I Do It?

Technology in the Classroom
Carter, Whitney
Prezi, the New PowerPoint

Johnson, Mindy and Jessica Kunzler
Video Clips and Computer Tricks

Jones, Carrie
Technology in the FACS Classroom

Jones, Maria

Oaks, Dan
Revolutionary Cook'n Technology

Textile Design Entrepreneurship Approach
Milles, Barbie
Free-motion Quilting

Buckley, Geeta
Interior Design Fabrication

Burnham, Catherine
Pattern Alteration Tips and Tricks

Steele, Renee
Machine Quilting

Stott, Deonn