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2013 Nutrition & Food Science Conference

Childhood and Adolescent Obesity Updates
Martha Archuleta
Adolescent Obesity Strategies
Nutrition Tools on the Web and at Your Fingertips
Stacy Bevan
Using Cooking Apps in the Class
My Top Cooking Apps for iPads

Heidi LeBlanc & Karin Allen
Food Sense Nutrition Certification
Food Sense Nutrition Certification
Food Sense App Handout

Marlene Israelsen
SuperTracker: My foods. My fitness. My health.
SuperTracker - Report 1 (Food Tracker)
SuperTracker - Report 2 (Meal Summary)
SuperTracker - Report 3 (Nutrient Summary)
SuperTracker - Report 4 (Food Groups)
SuperTracker - Report 5 (Food Groups)
SuperTracker - Report 6 (Details - Limits)
SuperTracker - Report 7 (Nutrients)
SuperTracker - Report 8 (View by Meal)
SuperTracker - Student Instructions
SuperTracker - Sample Assignments
SuperTracker - KEY for Sample Assignments

Hot Topics: Session 1 & 2
Rickelle Richards
Trends in Supplement Use

Pauline Williams
Gluten-Free Diets: Cutting through the Confusion
Celiac Allergies Intolerance
Celiac and Gluten Educational Resources
Flours, Grains, Thickening Agents and Starches
Gluten-Free Grains
Quick Start Diet Guide for Celiac Disease

Brooke Parker
Body Image and Eating Disorders in Teens

Workshops: Session 1 & 2
Heidi Wengreen
Healthy “Mindless Eating” for Your Life and the Teens in your Classroom
Behavioral Economics
Mindless Eating

Mateja Savoie
Eating on $4 a Day
$4 Per Day Grocery Ad
$4 Bucks a Day
$4 Per Day Activity

Career Pathways for Your Students and For You
Debbie Waite
Career Pathways - Degree Options at USU and BYU
USU Dietetics Major Information
USU Food Science / Food Technology Management Major
USU Nutrition Science Major