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Adult Roles and Financial Literacy

This course prepares students to understand the nature, function, and significance of individual and family relationships integrated with general financial literacy.

Adult Roles and Responsibilities

This course prepares students to understand the nature, function, and significance of human relationships involving individuals and families.

Career and College Readiness Counselor and Parent Toolkits

These toolkits will provide resources and tools to help counselors and parents navigate and plan from kindergarten through high school to be college and career ready.

Child Development

A curriculum guide that outlines the content and teaching strategies to help teach students about Child Development.

Classroom and Laboratory Management

The intent of this guide is to help educators who teach the nutrition and foods science curriculum. Topics include safe and sanitary work habits, reading a recipe and basic lab procedures.

Clothing and Textiles I

This course prepares individuals to understand the psychological aspects of clothing and textiles.

Clothing and Textiles II

This course is designed to allow students to develop clothing construction and consumer skills.

College and Career Awareness Curriculum

Educator resources that support the College and Career Awareness course.  Note: you must be a Utah educator with a verified my.uen account to access these materials.

Early Childhood Education

A curriculum guide that prepares individuals for child-related careers and/or more extensive parenting skills.

FACS Exploration

This course helps students learn life skills and develop skills in food & nutrition, childcare & safety, interior design, clothing construction & style, consumerism, family relationships, personal responsibility, and job-related tasks.

FACS ListServ File Cabinet

Materials that have been shared via the Family and Consumer Sciences mailing list.

Fashion Strategies

An instructional course that prepares individuals to understand the social, psychological, and physiological aspects of clothing and textiles.

Foods and Fitness - Foods/Nutrition I

This curriculum guide provides Foods and Nutrition educators basic information and learning activities. It is organized around the reasons why we eat.

Foods and Fitness - Foods/Nutrition II

This guide is intended for use as a semester course in basic nutrition and foods at the 9th or 10th grade level. Sections contain units of detailed study with scientific and technical information, teaching strategies and resources.

Functional Foods

A curriculum guide that outlines the content and teaching strategies to help teach students with disabilities to become independent in the kitchen.

Gear Up U

The free resources on this comprehensive website will help students develop their spatial thinking skills, which in turn will set them on the path to obtaining a STEM career.

Interior Design

This course enables students to explore their creativity in the field of interior design.

Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Student Manual

USBE developed this law enforcement and criminal justice student manual in cooperation with the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake.

Life Management

This course is designed to prepare students with skills to live independently. Skills are developed to help students manage their needs in the areas of interpersonal relationships, housing, clothing, nutrition, and food.

Teen Living Resource Guide

This course helps students understand and cope with personal, family, and social challenges. Emphasis is placed on communication, decision-making skills, and building stable relationships with family and peers.

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