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A Toolkit for Struggling Readers

A Guide for Educators

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

Resources to help increase awareness of the importance of students' regular attendance in school.

Career and College Readiness Counselor and Parent Toolkits

These toolkits will provide resources and tools to help counselors and parents navigate and plan from kindergarten through high school to be college and career ready.

College and Career Awareness Curriculum

Educator resources that support the College and Career Awareness course.  Note: you must be a Utah educator with a verified my.uen account to access these materials.

Digital Books

Here are digital textbooks created by groups of content and teaching experts, including university faculty, district and school specialists, teachers, and USBE staff.

Equity & Advocacy Parent & Student Toolkit

The Utah State Board of Education gathered these equity and advocacy resources for parents and students.

Every Student Succeeds Act

This Utah State Board of Education Every Student Succeeds Act website provides information about the federal law and Utah’s Consolidated State Plan.

Finance in the Classroom

These personal finance materials for K-12 educators, students and parents were developed to help you prepare Utah's youth to be money smart.

Indian Education Resources

The Utah State Office of Education’s American Indian website provides  information and  resources for educators, students and Title VII coordinators.

Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Student Manual

USBE developed this law enforcement and criminal justice student manual in cooperation with the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake.

Prevention Dimensions

USBE's collection of age-appropriate lessons and resources with the goal of decreasing risk factors and promoting protective factors.

Suicide Prevention Training (USBE)

Utah Code 53A-1-603 requires suicide prevention training for licensed employees. This online training is intended as an introductory to other training that your district will want to provide.

Supporting Students New to America

The goal of the site is to orient Utah educators, local agencies and support staff about school integration as new students begin their lives in Utah.

The Utah Middle School Math Project

6th-8th Grade Mathematics Textbook Materials.

USBE Student Data Privacy

USBE gathered Student Data Privacy materials, events, laws and policies for parents, teachers and LEAs.

Utah Educational Leadership Standards

These clear and consistent Educational Leadership standards can help school leaders understand their roles and leadershop practices.

Utah Effective Teaching Standards

The Utah Effective Teaching Standards articulate what effective teaching and learning look like in the Utah public education system.

Utah's Open Textbooks

These textbooks were created by Utah content experts and the USBE staff to help support the Utah Core Standards.

Utah Youth Suicide Prevention Crisis Toolkit

The Utah State Board of Education developed this collection of resources for counselors, educators and parents.

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