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Utah Standards

Elementary Social Studies Resources

UEN worked with the Utah State Office of Education to gather web sites, activities and lesson plans that support the Elementary Social Studies core.

English Language Arts Courses and Resources

Visit UEN's English Language Arts page to view the Utah core and support materials.

Math Courses and Resources

Attention Math educators: visit UEN's Math page to view the Utah Mathematics core and support materials.

Math Online Standards Resources

This project represents a collaborative effort by the Utah State Board of Education, the Utah Education Network, and talented, dedicated Utah teachers to create a usable and teacher-friendly interactive core resource. The intended result is to provide a useful tool that educators can use to teach math in a meaningful and engaging way.

Science Courses and Resources

Attention Science educators: visit UEN's Science page to view the Utah Science core and support materials.

Utah Courses and Supportive Lesson Plans and Links

In addition to viewing the standards and objectives for every one of Utah's K-12 courses, you can find supportive Internet resources and lesson plans.

Utah Educational Leadership Standards

These clear and consistent Educational Leadership standards can help school leaders understand their roles and leadershop practices.

Utah Effective Teaching Standards

The Utah Effective Teaching Standards articulate what effective teaching and learning look like in the Utah public education system.

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