Music is made up of sounds which are arranged in patterns. The creation of music is a work of imagination.  As in all works of art, music has the abiltiy to express thoughts and emotions.

Sample some of the following activities to learn more about music and musicians.


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Places To Go

The following are places to go (some real and some virtual) to find out about music and musicians.

The Auditorium Organ
Travel to Atlantic City and see the world's largest pipe organ.
Take a virtual tour of the home of the King, Elivs Presley.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Virtually stroll through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Find a timeline of rock and roll history and view their exhibits.

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People To See

Beethoven Depot
Spend some time with Ludwig van Beethoven.
Classical Net: Composers
Get to know dozens of classical composers.
Gilbert and Sullivan
The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive is devoted to the operas and other works of William S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan, who wrote 14 light operas during the last quarter of the 19th century. Authors of H.M.S. Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance and Mikado.
The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip
This site contains a multi-format ethnographic field collection which includes nearly 700 sound recordings, fieldnotes, dust jackets, and other manuscripts documenting a three-month, 6,502 mile trip through the Southern United States collecting folksongs.
Meredith Wilson
Meredith Willson was best known as author and composer of "The Music Man," which premiered on Broadway in 1957. He was the recipient of the very first Grammy award.
Mickey Dolenz
Mozart...Beethoven...Micky Dolenz. Visit with the greats.
The Mozart Project
This site features the life, times and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Phantom of the Opera
Visit with the Phantom of the Opera.

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Things To Do

America's Favorite Classical Music Bloopers
A music appreciation teacher at Clemson University has compiled excerpts from his students' assignments, tests, and papers where they have included various examples of misinformation.
Children's Music Web
Choose "Pipsqueaks" from the menu to find lyrics to silly songs, tips on how kids can create their own radio programs, and information on how to participate in cyber-sing-alongs.
Classical Midi Files
The largest classical music site on the web. Hundreds of thousands of classical music files. Most composers and their music are represented. Biographies, reviews, and playlists.
Find the lyrics to your favorite children's songs at this engaging site.
New York Philharmonic
Hum along with the New York Philharmonic, America's oldest orchestra. This site has a great Kid Zone section with activities, games, puzzles, and more.
NIEHS Kids' Pages
You'll find an alphabetical listing of hundreds of songs with the lyrics to each one. You can choose from categories such as Children's Songs, Patriotic Songs, Movies and Musicals, Young and Old Favorites, etc.
Piano on the Net
Free piano lessons have been offered by Piano on the Net since February of 1994. It is the original free piano and music lesson website, teaching piano, music notation reading, chording, and jazz.
Sing-a-long Christmas Carols and Lyrics
Do you know all the verses to Here Comes Santa Claus? If not, you can find them here.
This Day In Music History
Find which musical celebrities have a birthday today and other tidbits of musical trivia.
Whale Songs
Listen to the haunting echoes of whale songs. This site also has lesson plans for classroom use.

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Teacher Resources

Lesson Plans/Webquests

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