Web Design

Cyber-creativity! These days everyone is making their own web pages! It takes a computer, a web connection, some imagination, and a little know-how.

Sample some of the following activities to learn more about web design.


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Places To Go

Surf on over to examples of home pages. Every teacher should have a home page. This site is a great resource for tools, tricks, and tips when you want to create a personal or school home page.
Creating Web Pages (Introductory Level)
This page has links to web page creation resources. Students and teachers will find curricular resources to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction on web page design.
How to Create A Facebook Page
Travel to the dorm room where Mark Zuckerberg and his friends developed Facebook. People often use Facebook as their main “web presence”. Learn how to make a great Facebook page.

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People To See

Dr. Watson
Meet this online web doctor and let him diagnose your website for free.

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Things To Do

Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Brush up on HTML code.
Building a School Website
Learn about file structure, images, backgrounds, links, animation, design, and more with step-by-step directions.
Make your own customized logos and banners to use on your website.
Create Your Own Webpage
Follow these step-by-step directions to make a webpage with HTML.
Make a teacher webpage for free without having to purchase web editing software or learn how to html code.
HTML Crash Course for Educators
Use this tutorial to become acquainted to the basics of HTML design and style.
HTML Goodies
If you're serious about constructing a classroom website, you'll probably want to use a good web editing software package to speed up the process. But knowing some basics about html can be very useful. This site can help.
HyperText Markup Language Home Page
Learn about XHTML and decide if you should use it on your website.
So You Want to Make a Webpage
Learn how to "hard code" a webpage using Notepad and html. Even if you use web editing software, it's good to understand the basics of HTML.
Website designers have a responsibility to make their pages accessible to individuals with disabilities. Use this website to understand accessibility guidelines.
You can find how-to instructions for everything from basic HTML to programming in Java.

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Teacher Resources

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