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Bryce Canyon National Park

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Bryce Canyon National Park contains some of the world's most oddly shaped and beautifully colored rocks. Millions of years of wind, water and ice have formed the rocks into spires, called "hoodoos." It is the uniqueness of the rocks that caused Bryce Canyon to be designated as a national park.


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Average Temperatures
39°F 9°F
 February 41°F 13°F
 March 46°F 17°F
 April 56°F 25°F
 May 66°F 31°F
 June 76°F 38°F
 July 83°F 47°F
 August 80°F 45°F
 September 74°F 37°F
 October 63°F 29°F
 November 51°F 19°F
 December 42°F 11°F


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