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Bryce Canyon National Park contains some of the world's most oddly shaped and beautifully colored rocks. Millions of years of wind, water and ice have formed the rocks into spires, called "hoodoos." It is the uniqueness of the rocks that caused Bryce Canyon to be designated as a national park.


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    The full-color map that's handed out at the entrance station. Includes trails, roads and points of interest.
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  • Bryce Ampitheater Region Map
    nps.gov detailed map of the Ampitheater Region.
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  • Agua Canyon - two prominent hoodoos reside in Agua Canyon. On the left, is the taller of the two towers, "The Hunter." To the right is a hoodoo commonly referred to as the "Rabbit" or alternatively the "Backpacker."
  • Bryce Point - one of the most scenic vistas of the full amphitheater.
  • Fairyland Canyon - see hoodoos at an "eye-to-eye" level.
  • Farview Point - views of famous landmarks that make up the Grand Staircase.
  • Inspiration Point - The viewpoint at Inspiration Point consists of three levels that provide varied spectacular perspectives of the main amphitheater.
  • Mossy Cave - a wide, mossy overhang in the Claron limestone, kept moist by water dripping from the ceiling. This freezes in winter, and the large ice pillars beneath do not fully melt until midsummer.
  • Natural Bridge - This arch poses a stark contrast to the dark green of the Ponderosa forest that peeks through the arch from the canyon below.
  • Paria View - Looks across hoodoos and an amphitheater carved by Yellow Creek. The Aquarius Plateau and Paria River Valley are in the background.
  • Ponderosa Canyon - is so named because of the huge Ponderosa Pines on the canyon floor. Some of these trees measure more than 5 ft. in diameter and exceed heights of 150 ft.
  • Rainbow & Yovimpa - From Rainbow Point the entirety of the park stretches out before you back to the north. From Yovimpa Point you can get a good look at the sequence of rock layers called the Grand Staircase.
  • Sunrise Point - The view to the northeast from Sunrise Point captures Boat Mesa and the Sinking Ship, set against the stark Pink Cliffs of the Aquarius Plateau.
  • Sunset Point - offers vistas of some of the most famous and breathtaking of Bryce Canyon's hoodoos.
  • Swamp Canyon - appears relatively small and sheltered from the overlook, bounded on both sides by fins and hoodoos.


Park Activities

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Scenic Drives
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    Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Drive is a 20.5 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Tropic, Utah that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels.
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