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Utah National Parks

Send Email Postcards
Send Email Postcards
Create personalized postcards using images from The National Parks series and email them to friends or family.
Collect Park Badges
Collect Park Badges
Freshen up your web site, Facebook page, or MySpace page with badges that feature the national parks you've visited.
Download Wallpapers
Download Wallpapers
Download some of the glorious images from the documentary to enjoy on your desktop.
Question of the Week

Which of these activities do you like most?

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Taking Photos

Did you know?

Did you know?

Canyonlands became a National Park in 1964.

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Online Activities Just for Kids
Easy    Medium    Hard


Rock Around the ParkRock Around the Park
What shapes your world? Find out.
Fire ToolsFire Tools
Learn about forest fire fighting tools.
Pack a Dog Sled Pack a Dog Sled
Get ready for a ranger patrol in Alaska.
What to Pack
Pick what to pack for a safe hike.
Who Am I?Who Am I?
Guess the animals in your parks.
Alpha Codes Alpha Codes
Parks have code names. Break the code.
Dino DietsDino Diets
Match the dinosaurs with their dinners.
Independence OdditiesIndependence Oddities
Spot the things that don't belong.
Protect the HarborProtect the Harbor
Where would you build the fort?
Tracking at White SandsTracking at White Sands
Read the stories in the sand.
Trash TalkingTrash Talking
Is it trash or can it be recycled?
Turtle HurdlesTurtle Hurdles
Help baby turtles find the ocean.
Yesterday and TodayYesterday and Today
Compare modern tools with ancient ones.



Reading a MapReading a Map
Find your way to adventure.
You're in ChargeYou're in Charge
Be the boss at a National Park.
The National Park Service UniformThe National Park Service Uniform
Learn about the many National Park Service uniforms.
Arctic ArtifactsArctic Artifacts
What were these artifacts used for?
Fire StoryFire Story
There's a fire in a National Park!
Help a RangerHelp a Ranger
What do rangers do? Find out by helping.
Photo ExplorePhoto Explore
Discover secrets hidden in old photographs.
Powder MonkeyPowder Monkey
Set sail on a Navy war ship in 1812!
Swimming for HomeSwimming for Home
Be the fish - get home safely.
Wildlife in Yellowstone's WinterWildlife in Yellowstone's Winter
Discover how animals spend the winter.
Civil War SoldierCivil War Soldier
Choose a side! Be a soldier in the Civil War.
Exploring TidepoolsExploring Tidepools
Join rangers to search for ocean life.
The Great Smoky Mountain RebusThe Great Smoky Mountain Rebus
Solve puzzles to learn about the park.
Know Your ParksKnow Your Parks
Test your park smarts.
Map MatchMap Match
Rangers use many maps. Which will you use?



Finding EdisonFinding Edison
How did Thomas Edison change YOUR life?
George Washington's Secret CodeGeorge Washington's Secret Code
Decode Washington's secret messages.
Sled Dog PatrolSled Dog Patrol
Pick the best team for the job.
Stories from the PastStories from the Past
Tell a story with rock art.
The Bald EagleThe Bald Eagle
Protect America's National Symbol.
The Disappearing Dark SkyThe Disappearing Dark Sky
Learn how to save the stars.
The Patriot SpyThe Patriot Spy
Deliver a message to Paul Revere.
The Puma ChallengeThe Puma Challenge
What is a puma? Be one. Find out.
Water QualityWater Quality
You test the water. Is it clean?
Who Are We?Who Are We?
Find out what an American looks like.
Railroad ConnectionsRailroad Connections
Follow the adventures of trains going west.
Young Abraham LincolnYoung Abraham Lincoln
Find facts about our young Abraham Lincoln.
Learn to tell time with tree rings.
Name That ParkName That Park
Add map layers for clues, then name the parks.
Wave a flag, send a message.
Sent Away: Acadians in ExileSent Away: Acadians in Exile
What if you had to leave home forever?
Signal FlagSignal Flag
Decode messages on the high seas.