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2019 CTE Family and Consumer Sciences Summer Conference

General FCS

Marilyn Alberston & Jessica Percival
12 Keys to a Healthy Future - Embracing Aging
12 Keys to a Healthy Future
Keys to Embracing Aging

Becky Cox
The 4 C's in CTE
The 4 C's in CTE
Dessert Plating and Presentation

Lauren Miller

Jessica Percival
Game of Loans

Ashley Strong & Gaylene Greenwood
College Courses 911

Culinary Foods

Amber Baines & Sevey Roundy
Mastery in Foods 2
Cooking Methods Assessment
Cooking Methods Remediation
Diet Related Health Concerns Assessment
Diet Related Health Concerns Re-Assessment
Essential Standards Scoring Chart
Five Mother Sauces Assessment
Five Mother Sauces Remediation
I Can Statements
Knife Cuts Picture
Knives Picture
Moist Cooking Methods
Safety and Sanitation Assessment
Safety and Sanitation Remediation
Sanitation Pictures
Thermometer and Knife Skills Assessment
Thermometer and Knife Skills Remediation

Rachel Farmer & Diane Cluff
Starting a Culinary & Management Prostart Team
Customer Service and Management
French Service Cooking
Professional Self Evaluation
Strand 10 Lesson Plans
Strand 10 Notes
You are the Manager

Candace Wilson
Breakfast Foods in Foods Classes

Early Childhood Education

Kerry Pineda
Discipline with a Purpose

Kerry Pineda
What am I observing?


Christine Heslop
Navigating Nationals
Anaheim Week Schedule 2019
| Blank Anaheim Week Schedule 2019

Fashion / Textiles

Christine Hodgson
Upcycled Jeans Skirt

Holly Hutchins
A Self Guided Hot Pad for Basic Skills

Holly Hutchins
Successful Serger Solutions
Serger Parts
Serger Rules

Lois Nielsen & Lynda Peterson
Earbud Case

Technology in the Classroom

Kyley Brooks
Interactive Curriculum w/ Google Drive