Anne Frank in the World, 1929 - 1945 Teacher Workbook

Chronology of Key Events during Anne Frank's Lifetime

(Exact dates are supplied wherever possible.)

June 12, 1929 Anne Frank is born in Frankfurt, Germany.
1929-1932 The Great Depression. The National Socialist Party (Nazis) gains support.
January 30 , 1933 German President Paul von Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler as the Chancellor (prime minister) of Germany.
April 1, 1933 The Nazis organize a general boycott of all Jewish-owned businesses.
April, 1933 Otto Frank moves to Amsterdam, Holland. The family soon follows.
1934 Anne begins school in Amsterdam.
June-August, 1935 "Juden Verboten" ("No Jews") appears on signs in restaurants and stores all over Germany.
September 15, 1935 The regime decrees anti-Semitic "Nuremberg Laws."
March, 1938 Germany occupies Austria.
July 5-13, 1938 The Evian Conference is held in Evian, France.
November 9-10, 1938 Kristallnacht, a night of anti-Semitic riots throughout German and Austria, is initiated by the Nazis.
November 15, 1938 Jewish children are expelled from German schools.
March, 1939 Germany takes control of Czechoslovakia.
September 1, 1939 The German army invades Poland, sparking the beginning of World War II.
September 3, 1939 Britain and France declare war on Germany.
April 9 - May 10, 1940 Germans invade and conquer Denmark, Norway, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France.
February 22, 1941 Deportations of Jews to concentration camps begin in Holland.
April, 1941 All Dutch Jews must wear the yellow star.
June 22, 1941 Germans attack the Soviet Union and begin to murder all Jews in their path.
September, 1941 Young Jews are excluded from Dutch schools and colleges.
October 14, 1941 Deportation of Jews from Germany to concentration camps begins.
July 5, 1942 Margot Frank, Anne's sister, is ordered to report to the Nazi authorities.
July 6, 1942 The Franks move into their hiding place, "The Secret Annexe."
July 13, 1942 The Van Daan family joins the Franks in hiding.
1942-44 Nazis search for Jews in hiding. Hundreds of thousands of Jews throughout Europe are transported to concentration camps and murdered.
March, 1944 The Nazis invade Hungary.
June 6, 1944 D-Day. The Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied western Europe begins in Normandy, France.
August 4, 1944 The inhabitants of the Secret Annexe are betrayed and taken to Westerbork, the Dutch transit camp.
September 3-6, 1944 The Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel are taken in a transport to Auschwitz, a death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.
September 6, 1944 Mr. Van Daan is put to death upon his arrival in Auschwitz.
October 28, 1944 Anne and Margot Frank are taken to Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp in Germany.
November 24, 1944 Mrs. Van Daan is taken to Bergen-Belsen.
December 20, 1944 Mr. Dussel dies in Neuengamme, a concentration camp in Germany.
January 6, 1945 Mrs. Frank dies in Auschwitz.
January, 1945 The Russian Allies liberate Auschwitz and free the remaining prisoners, including Mr. Frank.
March, 1945 Margot and Anne die of typhus a Bergen-Belsen within a few days of one another.
April, 1945 Mrs. Van Daan dies.
April 30, 1945 Hitler commits suicide.
May 5, 1945 Peter Van Daan dies in Maauthausen, a concentration camp in Germany.
May 7, 1945 Germany surrenders unconditionally. The war ends in Europe.