Anne Frank in the World, 1929 - 1945 Teacher Workbook

United States Timeline

July 2, 1890 Sherman Anti-trust Law enacted to help restore the institutions of government to their rightful owners.
February 18, 1890 National Women Suffrage Association and American Women Suffrage .Association merge to form the national American Women Suffrage Association.
December 29, 1890 United States Seventh Cavalry kills 163 Mineconjou Sioux, half of them women and children.
July 6, 1894 American Railway launches strike in Pullman, Illinois.
February 16, 1898 The American Battleship Maine blows up in Havana Harbor.
April 21, 1898 United States declares war on Spain.
December 10, 1898 Treaty of Paris is signed ending the Spanish-American war.
August 14, 1900 United States forces help to crush the Boxer Rebellion in Peking, China.
September 6, 1901 President McKinley is shot by anarchist Leo Czolgosz.
September 14, 1901 Teddy Roosevelt is sworn in as President after McKinley dies from an infection in one of the wounds inflicted on Sept.6.
July 1903 W.E.B. DuBois publishes 'The Souls of Black Folks.'
November 6, 1903 United States recognizes the Republic of Panama.
December 17, 1903 Wright brothers plan, Flyer, lifts off the ground in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
November 9, 1904 Theodore Roosevelt is elected to his first full term.
July 1905 First Niagara Conference.
July 1909 NAACP founded.
November 12, 1912 Woodrow Wilson elected president.
July 6, 1914 Jewish man named Leo Frank lynched in Marietta, Georgia for killing a Christian girl.
May 7, 1915 The Lusitania, the word's largest passenger ship is torpedoed off the coast of Ireland by a German submarine; 128 American citizens killed.
December 1915 Georgia grants a charter to the 'new' Ku Klux Klan.
Jan 1916 Louis Brandeis appointed Associated Justice of the US Supreme Court -First Jew to sit on the Court.
April 1917 US enters World War I.
April 1917 Jeannette Rankin, Republican of Montana, becomes the first woman to be seated in the House Of Representatives.
November 1918 End of World War I.
November 1919 US race riots spread across the country (Memphis, St. Louis, etc.).
January 16, 1920 Prohibition begins.
March 1920 Senate fails to ratify the Treaty of Versailles - refuses US participation in the League of Nations.
August 26, 1920 19th Amendment is ratified, giving women the right to vote.
November 2, 1920 Warren G. Harding elected president.
March 1921 Sacco-Vanzetti case gains 'cause celebre' status. Anti-lynching Bill presented to Congress and defeated in Senate.
August 3, 1923 29th president Warren G. Harding dies at age 57. Vice President Calvin Coolidge sworn in.
September 1923 Ku Klux Klan activities cause Oklahoma to be placed under martial law.
June 1924 All native-born Americans Indians are make citizens of the US.
March 1927 Nixon vs. Herndon - Court strikes down Texas law forbidding Blacks to vote in primary elections.
May 21, 1927 Charles Lindbergh lands in Paris after flying across the Atlantic.
October 1927 First talking picture, 'The Jazz Singer.'
February 14, 1929 St. Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago.
October 29, 1929 Black Tuesday; New York Stock Exchange collapses. A world economic crisis begins.
November 8, 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected president.
October 1933 FDR appoints many Blacks to government jobs.
December 5, 1933 21st amendment is ratified repealing prohibition.
August 14, 1935 Social Security Act is passed. It provides pensions to Americans over the age of 65.
November 4, 1939 The Neutrality Act of 1939 repeals the arms embargo and authorizes 'cash and carry' exports of arms and munitions to belligerent powers.
December 15, 1939 Gone With the Wind has its premier in Atlanta, Georgia.
June 28, 1940 Alien Registration Act makes it unlawful for any person to advocated or teach the overthrow of the United States by violence or force.
November 5, 1940 FDR is reelected for a third term as president.
March 31, 1941 Vultee Aircraft hires 25 women for production jobs.
April 1941 US Supreme Court decides that Black people must be offered train accommodations equal to those offered to white people.
December 1941 Germany and Italy declare war on the US.
December 7, 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.
December 8, 1941 United States declares war on Japan.
Jan 1942 Rationing begins in the United States.
March 1942 Internment of Japanese in desert camps of the western United States begins.
June 6, 1942 United States Navy turns the tide in the war with Japan at the Battle of Midway.
June 1943 Blacks and Mexican-Americans attacked by white servicemen in Los Angeles.
June 6, 1944 D-Day. Allied troops storm beaches at Normandy.
February 11, 1945 Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin meet in Yalta to discuss a new world order.
April 11, 1945 United States troops liberate Buchenwald.
April 12, 1945 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dies and Vice President Harry s. Truman takes over.
April 29, 1945 United States troops liberate Dachau.
August 6, 1945 United States drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.
August 8, 1945 United States joins the United Nations.
August 9, 1945 United states drops second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.
March 5, 1946 Winston Churchill says that an 'iron curtain' has descended across the continent of Europe.
October 16, 1946 Nine Nazi leaders were hanged for war crimes.
April 29, 1947 Jackie Robinson becomes the first Black man to sign with a major league baseball team.
May 14, 1948 United States recognizes the state of Israel.
November 3, 1948 Truman reelected for a second term as president.
December 23, 1948 Seven Japanese officials are hanged for war crimes.
July 21, 1949 United States Senate ratifies the North Atlantic Treaty which commits the US to a mutual defense alliance with other nations.
February 22, 1950 Senator Jo McCarthy announces he has a list of 205 people working for the State Department that are members of the communist party.
June 30, 1950 State Department announces that the US will give all necessary military aid to the Republic of Korea against attack from North Korea.
June 1950 US Supreme Court rules that segregation of Blacks and whites in railroad dining cars violates the Interstate Commerce Act.
July 1950 Ute Indians awarded compensation for loss of tribal lands in Colorado and Utah from 1891 to 1938.