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Conference Proceedings

2014 Nutrition & Food Science Conference

Conference Agenda

Hot Topics: Sessions 1, 2, & 3
Sports Nutrition Updates
Jennifer Day
Sports Nutrition

The Mediterranean Diet- Health Benefits and Easy Mediterranean Meals
Martha Archuleta

Coconut Oil and Other Fat Fads- Healthy or Hype?
Dr. Heidi Wengreen
Coconut oil and other “fat fads”

Health at Every Size- How does it fit with middle and high school students?
Lora Beth Brown
Health at Every Size Overview
Health at Every Size Fact Sheet

The New School Nutrition Regulations- Where are we headed?
Nicole Vance
School Nutrition Regulations

Workshops: Session 1 & 2
Chemistry in FACS Food Science and Nutrition Classes
Karen Allen

Math Application in FACS Food Science and Nutrition Classes
Shelli Barnum
Cost Per Serving Lesson Plan
Recipe Cost Analysis Lesson Plan
Recipe Cost Analysis Worksheet
Fiber in Food Lesson Plan
Fiber in Foods Handout
Rate Fiber Content Worksheet
Your Fiber Intake Worksheet
Calculating the Fat Presentation
Calculating the Fat Lesson Plan
Calculating the Fat Worksheet
Calculating the Fat Worksheet - Key
Daily Food Calorie Needs
Eating Expirement Worksheet
Food Needs Lesson Plan
Do You Get Enough Water Lesson Plan
Water Worksheets
Measurements and Basic Conversions Guidelines
Measurements and Basic Conversions - Assignment 1
Portion Costs
Portion Costs - Assignment 2
Determining Portion Costs
Determining Portion Costs - Assignment 3
Baker Percentages
Baker Percentages - Assignment 4
McDonald's Menu
McDonald's Nutrition Facts
Measuring Enrichment Worksheet Lesson Plan
Measuring Enrichment Worksheet Presentation
Measuring and Equivalents Experiments
Recipe Race

Application of Technology Resources in FACS Food Science and Nutrition Classes
Jennifer Day
Apps for the FACS Classroom
Technology in the Classroom