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FACS ListServ File Cabinet

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FCCLA provides students with opportunities to attain knowledge, skills, and leadership characteristics necessary to succeed in life, as well as promoting personal growth and leadership development.


Adviser Notebook Section Titles
Adviser to Adviser
Adviser Training
Banking Buzz
Banking Buzz Handout
Canyon View FCCLA Scavenger Hunt
Career Wordstrips
Chapter Management Handout
Chapter Organization Ideas
Creating a 4 Star Chapter
Fall Leadership Adviser Training
FCCLA Brainstorming
FCCLA Day FACS Lesson Plan
FCCLA Program of Work
FCCLA Program of Work Worksheet
FCCLA Resources
FCCLA Scavenger Hunt
Financial Fitness Crossword
How to Be a 4 Star Chapter
How to Introduce FCCLA in the Classroom
How to Introduce FCCLA, Ball Activity
How to Introduce FCCLA, Lesson Plan I
How to Introduce FCCLA, Lesson Plan II
How to Introduce FCCLA, Letter Form
How to Start an FCCLA Chapter
Integrating FCCLA in the Classroom
New Adviser Helps/Tricks of the Trade
New Chapter Checklist
Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Template
Membership Calendar
Planning Process
RHS FCCLA Point System
What Is FCCLA?
FCCLA Step One 2017-2018
FCCLA Step One Scavenger Hunt
FCCLA Step One Scavenger Hunt Key
FCCLA Step One Scavenger Hunt - A
FCCLA Webquest
Guide to Promoting FCCLA
Jenga Step One
Step One Bingo
Step One Bingo
Step One Certificate
Step One Foldable
Step One Ideas I
Step One Ideas II
Step One Questions Strips
Step One Answers Strips
Step One Recognition Form
Step One Scavenger Hunt
|Step One Webquest Answer Sheet
Utah Webquest #1
Utah Webquest #2
Webquest, National

2017 Membership Ideas
2013-2014 Membership Form
Building Membership Ideas
Calendar Ideas for Recruiting Members
FCCLA Member Spotlight
How Are Your Membership Dues Used
How to Increase Membership
Increasing Member Recognition
Marketing Strategies for FCCLA
Member Application and Contract
Member Info Form 2014
Member Info Sheet
Member of the Month
Membership Affiliation Form 2014
Membership Check-off Ideas
Membership Magic Ideas
Membership Points - Gold Membership
Member Recruitment Ideas I
Member Recruitment Ideas II
Parent Letter Introduction
Recruiting Members
Recruitment Ideas
Recruitment Ideas, More Ideas
Recruitment Reality TV Week
RHS Membership Form
What is FCCLA?
Fundraising 101
Fundraising Fundamentals
Fundraising Ideas I
Fundraising Ideas II
Fundraising Ideas Handout
How to Raise Funds to Support Chapter Dues
Activities For FCCLA Week
Activities Template
Chapter Activities Ideas
Community Service Ideas
2012 FCCLA Week Ideas
FCCLA Week Ideas
Power of One Assignment
Power of One Final Evaluation
Service Project Ideas I
Service Project Ideas II
FACS Knowledge Bowl
Incorporating STAR Events in the Classroom
Integrating STAR Events into the Classroom
Integrating STAR Events into the Classroom handout
Introduction to STAR Events
Retain Student Interest
STAR Graphic Planning Process Sheet
Utah STAR Events

Skill Demonstration Events
Skill Demonstration Event: Culinary Chicken Fabrication
Skill Demonstration Event: Culinary Food Art
Skill Demonstration Event: Culinary Knife Skills
Skill Demonstration Event: Fashion Sketch
Skill Demonstration Event: FCCLA Creed Speaking & Interpretation
Skill Demonstration Event: Impromptu Speaking
Skill Demonstration Event: Interior Design Sketch
Skill Demonstration Event: Interviewing Skills
Skill Demonstration Event: Speak Out for FCCLA
Skill Demonstration Event: Technology in Teaching
Skill Demonstration Event: Toys that Teach

STAR Events

STAR Event: Career Investigation
STAR Event: Entrepreneurship
STAR Event: Environmental Ambassador
STAR Event: Focus on Children
STAR Event: Illustrated Talk
STAR Event: Interpersonal Communications
STAR Event: Job Interview
STAR Event: Leadership
STAR Event: Life Event Planning
STAR Event: Nutrition and Wellness
STAR Event: Parliamentary Procedure
STAR Event: Recycle and Redesign

STAR Event: Advocacy
STAR Event: Chapter in Review Display
STAR Event: Chapter in Review Portfolio
STAR Event: Chapter Service Project Display
STAR Event: Chapter Service Project Portfolio
STAR Event: National Programs in Action
STAR Event: Promote and Publicize FCCLA

Career Preparation
STAR Event: Applied Math for Culinary Management
STAR Event: Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts Helpful Hints
STAR Event: Early Childhood Education
STAR Event: Fashion Construction
STAR Event: Fashion Design
STAR Event: Food Innovations
STAR Event: Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
STAR Event: Interior Design
STAR Event: Sports Nutrition
STAR Event: Teach and Train

Online Events
Online STAR Event: Digital Stories for Change
Online STAR Event: FCCLA Chapter Website

Examples of Good/Bad National Programs Applications
Examples of National Programs/Winners
FCCLA National Programs Overview
FCCLA X Games with National Programs
Integrating STAR Events into National Programs Handout
Power of One Worksheet

Lesson Plans and Activities
It's in the Bag Activity
Journal Jar: Families First
Journal Jar: Power of One
Incorporating National Programs

Career Connection
Dynamic Leadership
FACTS: Families Action Community Traffic Safety
Families First
Financial Fitness
National Outreach Program
Power of One
STOP the Violence: Students Taking on Prevention
Student Body

National Program List

FCCLA Administrator Advantages
FCCLA Brochure
FCCLA Brochure #1
FCCLA Brochure #2
FCCLA Brochure #3
FCCLA Brochure #4
FCCLA Brochure #5
FCCLA Brochure #6
FCCLA Brochure #7
FCCLA Brochure #8
FCCLA Brochure #9
FCCLA Brochure #10
FCCLA Brochure #11
FCCLA Brochure #12
FCCLA Brochure #13
FCCLA Brochure #14
FCCLA Brochure #15
FCCLA Brochure #16
FCCLA Brochure #17
FCCLA Brochure #18
FCCLA Brochure #19
FCCLA Brochure #20
FCCLA Brochure #21
FCCLA Brochure #22
FCCLA Brochure #23
FCCLA Brochure #24
FCCLA Brochure #25
FCCLA Brochure #26
FCCLA Dos and Don’ts of PR
Guide to Promoting FCCLA
Interview Skills: How to Stay in Control
Media Exercise of Questions
Media Releases Guidelines/Examples
Pass Along Cards
Promoting Ideas for the School and Community
Publication Guidelines
Public Relations Ideas
Public Relations Ideas in the Community
Public Service Announcements
Sample Media Interview Questions
What Is Newsworthy?
Your Rights As An Interviewee
Chapter Officer Acceptance Letter
Chapter Officer Application
Chapter Officer Contract
Chapter Officer Decline Letter
Dynamic Leadership
Dynamic Leadership Ideas
Evaluation of Leaders
FCCLA Chapter Officer Candidate Application & Contract
FCCLA Letter Qualifications
Lettering in FCCLA
Officer Responsibilities: President
Officer Responsibilities: First Vice President
Officer Responsibilities: Secretary
Officer Responsibilities: Vice President, Finance
Officer Responsibilities: Vice President, Historian
Officer Responsibilities: Vice President, Membership
Officer Responsibilities: Vice President, National Programs
Officer Responsibilities: Vice President, Publications
Officer Responsibilities: Vice President, Public Relations
Professional Dress
Recognition Program
Sophomore Representative Chapter Officer Applicant
What Makes an Amazing Leader?
10.10 LINKS
Louisiana FCCLA Website
Missouri FCCLA Website
National FCCLA Website
New York FCCLA Website
North Dakota FCCLA Website
Texas FCCLA Website
Utah FCCLA Website
Virginia FCCLA Website